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July, 14th 2020

MVO Vlaanderen - #hackyourjeans

The story of #hackyourjeans and our future plans and dreams by 'MVO Vlaanderen' ♻️👖💚 Like the recent study of VITO and Vlaanderen Circulair pointed out: circular companies didn't slow down. 🤗 We keep going for it! 💪🏻

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July, 7th 2020

EE Labels x #hackyourjeans

A new partner popped up on our website!

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June, 4th 2020

Keep It Tiny - Designers In Residence

We'd like to look back on mid-December of 2019, when the Designers In Residence of Designregion Kortrijk launched 'Keep It Tiny'. Oleksandra Gerasymchuk, Yun Pei Hsiung & Lucie Dubois created an open source board-game designed to make the players reflect on the way we live now and it creates discussing points on how living could evolve in the future. The designers contacted #hackyourjeans to check if we could collaborate to include a recycled jeans part in their board-game.

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June, 3rd 2020

De nieuwe generatie Vlaamse textiliens

Julie Lietaer, co-CEO van ESG en bezielster van #hackyourjeans ontmoette Camille Liebaert, oprichtster van RectoVerso Sports in Texture Museum in Kortrijk. Twee nieuwe textiliens in het vlasmuseum dat de rijke verleden van de vlas- en textielsector in de kijker zet.

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