From denim to yarn.

The circular process

Post-consumer denim.

Donate your jeans in the nearest textile collecting container, the sorting is done locally! Proper jeans goes to second-hand stores as you want to extend the lifespan as long as possible, worn-out jeans gets a separate circuit for companies that use them as raw material.

Shredding the denim to fibres.

The post-consumer denim material is shredded mechanically by our partners into a recycled fibre of the best quality. This fibre is the raw material of our further processing steps.

Spinning the yarn.

By blending the denim fibres with ecological fibres such as Tencel®, dope dyed viscose or post-consumer recycled polyester, we spin a functional open-end yarn, fit for your circular needs.

Yarn collection and innovation.

Our innovation results in 3 different yarn ranges, which we are continuously expanding.
A unique collection of 20 dope dyed colours enhances the ecological benefit as the yarn or fabric no longer has to be dyed.

This is how your old pair of jeans, results into a brand new bobbin for weaving or knitting, with a limited ecological footprint.

Can you feel it?

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