Recycle Movement


European Spinning Group has joined the REMO Key program, for its recycled yarn collections.

The key to unlocking your supply chain & communicating the environmental benefits of using recycled content.

Remo is a database which gathers information of the complex supply chain when working with recycled materials.

They calculate the environmental savings on energy, water & CO2 of the materials and give you a final result on the actual percentage that is recycled.

The label has a unique QR code, this is linked to the Remo website with the detailed information of a product.


of application recycled content in textiles (raw materials) & the environmental savings on Water, CO2 and Energy.

Tracing the percentage recycled content throughout the production process and providing insight into the benefits against using 100% virgin materials.


data collection, processing, claim validation & traceability of recycled content throughout your supply chain.

Providing independent service in collecting and safe-storing documents, (GRS) certification and production-data. Offering special client solutions, such as fiber traceability solutions and BlockChain technology.


in a clear, transparent and visually attractive way, providing your customers with all data and information.

Communication through label + QR-code to client-based webpage.

Find out more about Remo on their website.