Blog 25.08.2021

#hackyourjeans in Carrefour

For 1 week, the Ellie.Boutique will introduce you to the products of #hackyourjeans made from post-consumer recycled jeans 

Learn the story behind the products through the interactive screen and follow the recycling process from the moment an old pair of jeans is donated!

PS. πŸ‘– Bring your old jeans, the collection container in the booth is more than happy to collect them! 

In this way, your old jeans might become a new product and you’re contributing to a better textile industry πŸ‘–β™»οΈπŸ§¦

πŸ‘‰ Date: 23/08/2021 - 28/08/2021

πŸ‘‰ Location: Kortrijksesteenweg, 1133, Sint-Denijs-Westrem 9051

πŸ‘‰ Time: 8:30h – 20:00h

W33 SQ4
W34 SQ4