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October, 7th 2020

Circular Materials Center

On October 6th, Minister Hilde Crevits opened the new Circular Materials Center in Kortrijk. The new training and research center for the plastics and textile sector. The eye-catcher in the entrance hall is the Innovation Wall and of course we wanted to be part of it!

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July, 14th 2020

MVO Vlaanderen - #hackyourjeans

The story of #hackyourjeans and our future plans and dreams by 'MVO Vlaanderen' ♻️👖💚 Like the recent study of VITO and Vlaanderen Circulair pointed out: circular companies didn't slow down. 🤗 We keep going for it! 💪🏻

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July, 7th 2020

EE Labels x #hackyourjeans

A new partner popped up on our website!

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June, 4th 2020

Keep It Tiny - Designers In Residence

We'd like to look back on mid-December of 2019, when the Designers In Residence of Designregion Kortrijk launched 'Keep It Tiny'. Oleksandra Gerasymchuk, Yun Pei Hsiung & Lucie Dubois created an open source board-game designed to make the players reflect on the way we live now and it creates discussing points on how living could evolve in the future. The designers contacted #hackyourjeans to check if we could collaborate to include a recycled jeans part in their board-game.

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