Project Tropas

Tropas x ANNA

Walk in style and save the world while you're at it! Tropas offers elegant designer shoes produced in a socially and ecologically sustainable way, at a fair price.


  • Produces locally and reduce transport
  • Creates meaningful jobs at social enterprises
  • Re-uses materials and makes shoes easy to recycle

Join the ‘tropas’ (Spanish for troops) and make the world a better place. In style!

Thanks to tropas, the ANNA sneakers got a sister!

Tropas saves jeans from the waste piles and makes socially and ecologically sustainable shoes out of them.

#hackyourjeans makes new yarns from old denim and partners make fabrics with these yarns. 

Tropas used two beautiful fabrics to fashion an exclusive pair of sneakers.
Both fabrics are cutting waste from older product developments, what a great circularity solution!

The lightest shade is mattress ticking made in Belgium by Pieters Textiel
The fact that this fabric is made for bedding makes it very strong and breathable and this suits perfectly for a shoe. 

The darkest shade is made for fashion by Com.I.Stra in Prato, Italy.



These new ‘tropas x ANNA’ sneakers get a lot of positive feedback, so we’re thinking of getting them in production. What do you think, should we?
Caro Peirs
CEO, tropas

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Caro Peirs