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Sustainable shopping bags “Lekker Oost-Vlaams”.

The Economic Council of East Flanders (EROV) is promoting the regional products (food and drinks) under the brand ‘Lekker Oost-Vlaams’. One of the many realisations is the opening of a promotional centre in Gent in 2002. This centre, the Butchers’ hall, is situated in a medieval building in the historic centre of Gent, where one can taste and buy regional products, exclusively coming from East Flanders. This is a unique setting, in a unique building. Moreover, a sustainable idea, as the products are delivered directly by the producers and are fully coming from the region.

As sustainability is an important trigger for EROV and the Butchers’ Hall, we were looking for sustainable packaging. 

In the shop a lot of gift baskets are sold, and a good and strong shopping bag was necessary. 

We adopted the idea of sustainable fabrics and production in a sustainable environment. 

Mediation by Florence Lootens from Ariadne Innovation was the key for success of this project.

Fabrics were delivered by Pieters Textiel

Under the name "EverJean" they produce fabrics with recycled jeans for the mattress market.
They had a stock of "EverJean" fabrics made for a hackyourjeans-project and were willing to provide them for the shopping bags.

Arcor, a sheltered workplace in Ronse, was willing to carry out the sewing of the bags. 

They work with:

  • People with a work disability 
  • People with a psycho-social work limitation 
  • Extremely vulnerable people

A social reflex in this sustainable project.

The sewing pattern was designed by HoGent (Department Textile and Confection), so students were also involved.


The sustainable shopping bag “Lekker Oost-Vlaams” was the result of a successful cooperation between official and private partners: PPC (public-private cooperation).
Chantal Gheysen

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