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By using post-consumer recycled jeans and combining it with TENCEL™, we create bedding that promises ultimate comfort, while actually helping the planet rejuvenate. The entire process ensures minimum water wastage and release of pollutants. ReJeaneration's goal is to restore the balance of nature and help generations to come, enjoy a stronger and more beautiful earth.

Fast Fashion

The fashion and textile industries are amongst the highest polluting industries and recycling is the need of the hour.

Dope Dyeing

ReJeaneration is developed using Dope Dyeing which in non-polluting and efficient.

Jean Manufacturing

It takes 8000 litres of water to manufacture a single pair of jeans. Hence, we use post consumer used jeans to create sustainable bedding.



ReJeaneration prodcuts help in reducing ecological footprint and it enhances the product's life cycle.


With the goal to reduce textile waste by 'Upcycling', we have developed a process to spin yarns from discarted jeans.

Touch of nature

TENCEL™ is the most important component that defines a new standard of sustainability and natural comfort for you.

The caress of comfort

Fibers used are naturally soft to the touch and feel good to your skin.

Lets your skin breathe.

Our bedding absorbs moisture more efficiently than cotton and hence supports the body's natural thermal regulating mechanism, keeping your skin at a pleasant temperature and dry all through the night.

Color that stays new

Color pigments are deeply embedded into the fibers, which retains color vibrancy a lot more than conventionally dyed fibers.

Manufacturing that aids sustainability

Process involves solvent-spinning technique that recycles the processed water and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of more than 99%.


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