Project Beernaert Socks

Jeanious socks.

Beernaert Socks produces socks and stockings for various industries since 1980. New in the product range are the socks that are partly made of old, recycled jeans. They offer you the softness of cotton and the strength of your beloved jeans.

Did you know

We can bridge the distance between the spinning mill and Beernaert Socks in Oudenaarde using the thread of only 16 pairs of socks? 

Thanks to local partnerships & co-creation, we are proud to present to you socks made from recycled jeans! 

Try them on, they’ll make your feet look jeanious!

The old jeans fibres are mixed with other durable materials based on wood pulp, which give your feet the comfort and strength they are used to.

Beernaert can offer a range of bright colours next to the blue tones, however, the character of the denim is never lost. You can always find the iconic, small blue spots throughout every colour in the range.

In Belgium, Beernaert is the only producer of socks and stockings and an ideal partner for #hackyourjeans, that always wants to keep the production chain as local as possible.

How to take extra care of your socks

  • Modern machine washers do an evenly great job at lower temperatures 
  • Save up on your detergent, you need less than you think
  • Wash your socks inside out
  • Go old-school and hang them up to dry (socks aren't made to be tumble dried)

Your socks will last longer this way!


Interested in this project?

Then get in touch with Beernaert Socks.

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