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Upcycled denim tableware collection.

Linen has a national value for Lithuanian people. Deep Lithuanian traditions of linen growing, and treatment are successfully continued by AB “Linas”, one of the biggest linen textile producers in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Our roots already date back to 1957, when the Panevezys linen company was established.

AB “Linas” – balance between nature and passion

After three generations, our company is taking on a new challenge for the 21st century.

We observed a shift in the way people think about the resources used to produce home textiles and garments. People care more and more about using those right resources that also protect the environment. As a reply to this, the development team at AB “Linas”, created a special collection made with linen and yarns from recycled materials. A strong collection based on 2 sustainable resources.


Firstly, linen, is an ecological fibre because the production is not harmful for the environment, and it does not leave any waste. 

The second yarn, made from post-consumer recycled denim, is produced without using any water, chemicals and it generates zero CO2 emissions during production. 

On top of that, by recycling we are reducing textile waste. A sustainable collection with fabrics made from flax fibers and recycled materials, that adds to the transformation of the global supply chain to reduce waste.

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Vilita Skersiene