Project Hero On Socks

Jeanious socks.

Did you know that we throw away 640.000.000 pairs of jeans in Europe every year? That’s unthinkable! #HeroOnSocks strives for a circular future, where we can recycle waste into new usable materials.

Hero On Socks started with one main focus: make people aware that there is no plan B for our planet. 

We want to change the world on socks.

When you wear Hero On Socks you are a real hero and you improve the world. Because a comfortable world is a better world.

Socks made from your old pair of jeans.

Hero On Socks found a way to re-use these millions of old jeans. 

Together with #hackyourjeans and the ESG-group, they were able to recycle the old jeans up to a strong and comfortable yarn of which we make socks.

Made in Belgium with an eye for detail to make your socks beautiful and long-lasting.

We love to do good and are happy you do too!


For every pair of socks sold we give away an extra pair of comfortable socks to a homeless center
Wendy Raymakers
Thijs LR  75 van 75

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