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Howest IPO x #hackyourjeans

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Last year, we presented #hackyourjeans and the ESG Green yarn to the Industrial Product Design students of Howest. They studied new product possibilities for the yarn & started prototyping towards market-ready products! Thankful to see what ideas our future designers had with our recycled jeans yarns! πŸ™Œ
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The Product Design students Dorian Asscherick, Amber Eghermanne, Thijn Vandenbosch and Moses Ogundipe from Howest (Kortrijk, BE) have jointly developed the comfortable growing baby slipper - BizΓΉ.

One pair can be used in several sizes, so the parents or grandparents can use them much longer than some months. This shoe is a low impact product as well: created from recycled jeans yarn and designed to recycle. 

The growing baby shoes has the same values as our own ANNA Sneaker; made from recycled natural materials, designed for disassembly. And a big congrats to them for being the honourable mention at the Ovam Ecodesign Awards 2021 !

BizΓΉ by Howest Ba.Industrieel Productontwerpen for #hackyourjeans

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The Product Design students Ivory Dehaene, Philine Defoort, Robin Verlinden and Charles Rupert from Howest (Kortrijk, BE) have jointly developed a dog interior bed with multiple functions. 

Not only can the bed be used for sleeping, but the owners can also use it as a carrier bag. You can easily carry Petley over your shoulder or place it in a bicycle basket. Furthermore, you can even fasten it safely into the seat belt of your car. This way, you can bring your dog along wherever you go. Petley is a product made with post-consumer denim, following a circular design. So at the end of life, this bed can be completely recycled and the materials reused to create an entirely new product. 

Petley by Howest Ba.Industrieel Productontwerpen for #hackyourjeans

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As a product design student at Howest Aaron Thierens developed the Resound acoustic interior.

This is a modular, circular system of acoustic absorbent panels which you can fit as your needs. The product is made out of BEElite’s honeycomb cardboard, felt from hemp fibers and woven fabrics by #hackyourjeans partner Pieters Textiel from ESG Green recycled jeans yarns. 

At the end of their lifespan, the products can be sent back, and the circle starts all over again. The project continues as a startup, check it out!

Resound by Howest Ba.Industrieel Productontwerpen for #hackyourjeans

W43 SQ8

The Product Design student Hannelore Demey from Howest (Kortrijk, BE) has developed the babycarrier wintercover for Artipoppe .

Their vision matches so well with the vision of #hackyourjeans, where recycling and caring for the user and the planet are the most important reasons for business. Wintercover for babycarrier, carefully crafted from recycled materials. 

Creating memorable moments with your child is important. Textile is the ideal material to form this warm connection. For the design of the wintercover for a baby carrier I used the HYJ yarn. In this way it becomes clear that fashion made out of recycled fashion can be very beautiful. The design of the winter cover is made in collaboration with the brand Artipoppe. They produce high quality baby carriers and wraps. You can see their typical design style reflected in this winter cover.

Wintercover by Howest Ba.Industrieel Productontwerpen for #hackyourjeans

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The Product Design student Matthias Mullie from Howest (Kortrijk, BE) has developed the gardenglove for EverEarth. 

Their vision is to teach children and parents more about the environment we live in. A perfect match with #hackyourjeans where inspiring people to get closer to nature and environmental awareness concerns us all. EverEarth produces toys with natural materials, but they can go a step further by producing their fabric products with the symbolic recycled strong jeans tissue so the story becomes complete and so much more narrative!

Gardenglove by Howest Ba.Industrieel Productontwerpen for #hackyourjeans

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The Product Design students Mathieu Vo, Cinte Wittoek, Mehdi Zekri and Siska Van Tomme from Howest (Kortrijk, BE) have jointly developed the weighted interior blanket.

In the future a small group of students want to go further with a startup who uses textiles woven by Pieters Textiel and produced by their own company.

Couv' by Howest Ba.Industrieel Productontwerpen for #hackyourjeans

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