Project Pieters Textiel


A niche player on the mattress fabric market, Pieters Textiel continually reacts to the current trends and tastes. The rising interest for sustainable options, combined with the reuse of jeans, sparked our product and design team to create a mattress fabric collection made from post-consumer recycled denim.

For our EverJean collection, we use yarns that give old denim trousers a new life. This way, your old jeans can end up in fabrics for mattresses, headboards and boxsprings.

A durable story

We weave our EverJean fabrics with yarns containing up to 50% post-consumer recycled denim. These yarns are made from second-hand denim that’s collected, shredded, refined to fibres and spun again.

That elegant blue denim look and colour? We don’t even have to dye our textiles for it. In case you’re looking for a specific colour, we make sure not to use yarn dye. Using an intelligent mix of pre-coloured viscose fibres, we offer you a rich color palette for our mattress fabrics in an environmentally-friendly way.


Through the online community #hackyourjeans, we’re happy to help and create awareness for initiatives from the textile industry to produce more circularly. Every step we take to decrease the textile waste, is a step in the good direction. And that’s not all: with our post-consumer recycled denim we also save water and energy, and reduce our CO2 emission.

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