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Ecojeans embraces the beauty of imperfection. Due to recycled denim yarns, the material has a distinctive and unique character. The multi-tonal effect is achieved through the combination of dope-dyed yarns with LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose, which in turn also contribute to the reduction of ecological impact.

Textile cover material – born to be green, shaped by preloved denim.

In line with our commitment to develop low-environmental-impact materials, we have teamed-up at Van Heek Textiles and researched various ideas to find the right recipe. After months of exploring possibilities, proof productions and readjusting the needed, we knew we found it, Ecojeans was born.

This bundle of sustainable materials consists of eco-friendly viscose and lyocell and gets its distinctive look from recycled denim yarns. 

You will love the randomly scattered flocks from recycled denim throughout the material, making every meter unique and embracing the beauty of imperfection. 

The combination of dope-dyed viscose creates a contemporary multi-tonal effect, perfect for modern books, stationery, and packaging, but in turn also contributes to ecological impact. 

Ecojeans not only consists of environmentally-friendly materials, it’s also lined with 90% recycled, FSC certified paper. Additionally, all yarns are produced, fiberized and spun in the EU. Available in 8 contemporary eye-pleasing colours.

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