Project Tonickx

Recycled women's fashion

Tonickx designs and manufactures women's fashion translating the latest fashion and fabric trends to suitable products for retailers and brands. Our collections are customized for each brand and are, thanks to our vertical integration, produced and delivered in record time.

Many of our customers (brands and retailers) are working on a sustainable offer for their clientele, both in the use of fabrics as well as in production closer to the home market. Therefore, we decided to inspire the #hackyourjeans community by creating a couple fashionable pieces. These specific pieces are all fabricated in Europe with a fabric woven from upcycled worn-off denim. 

Tonickx is headquartered in Kortrijk (Belgium) and has its own production plants in Tunisia and Romania. All Tonickx production sites have been audited BSCI and ISO.



We are looking forward to helping you transform your creative and sustainable fashion ideas towards actual products your customer can enjoy!
Lode Van Laere
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