Project Odetka a.s.

Denim shoelaces.

ODETKA a.s. has been producing all kinds of shoelaces and other cord applications for more than 200 years. We strive towards continuous improvements in order to meet the standards of the market and beyond. The ESG recycled denim yarn brings a fresh – green - air into our collection resulting in a unique and sustainable option for our clients.

Combine over 2 centuries of experience and skills of our workers in shoelaces with today’s environmental challenges and the post-consumer recycled denim lace collection was born. 

Firstly, we avoid jeans from ending up on the landfill, as well do we use fewer virgin materials to produce our laces, without any compromise in quality.


We love products with a story, so do our customers. That’s why we created an extensive colour collection for these laces.
Tomas Marek

We’ve added not one, not two, but twenty colours with the recycled denim to our assortment resulting in a matching shoelace for every customers’ style. 

The denim gives the laces their own identity, making them fashionable and original in every shoe you lace them.


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Mr. Tomas Marek