Project Bel-Confect

D-Force Green.

D-Force® Green stands for functional, safe and professional workwear manufactured in ethically correct workshops and made from organic, renewable, biodegradable and regenerated fibres.

Our mission is to create awareness and promote a sustainable way of consumption, taking into account these 3 main values:

  • Environmental problems
  • Ethical behavior
  • Transparency

    D-Force Green® by Belconfect is our first and essential sustainable collection of functional workwear made from organic, renewable, biodegradable and regenerated fibres. Entirely committed to fair trade based production, we design this product range with longevity in mind.


    D-Force Green® is also designed to work and is made in the best materials with a keen focus on comfort, functionality, durability and sustainability. Every piece of clothing is made sustainably and ethically through our own platform in Tunisia or in cooperation with worldwide responsible suppliers. We provide our customers with maximum transparency in our supply chain, set focus on fabrics made from sustainably produced fibres, like organic cotton, Tencel®/Lyocell, recycled PET or recycled cotton.

    Together with our stakeholders we encourage sustainable solutions have the ambition to grow in circular workwear by using environment friendly raw materials that are bio-degradable or reusable, contain recycled and/or sustainable content in combination with an eco-design. Without compromising the quality or requirements of the garment, so our customers wearing it feel good – both on the body and in the mind.

    Based in Belgium, Belconfect develops tailor-made work- and safety wear and has its own collection of casual and functional workwear under the brand name D-Force®. Belconfect is member of Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), a non-profit organization that is committed worldwide to the correct working conditions within the textile sector. 

    FWF has developed a code of conduct based on the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). Companies such as Belconfect, which are affiliated with FWF, are committed to improving working conditions.

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