Project Blue LOOP Originals

Blue LOOP Originals: WORN to REBORN.

Let us present ourselves as a bunch of curious chefs who have turned the kitchen of the textile industry upside down. The most fundamental ingredient in anything we make is textile trash. We have mastered the way to turn - something considered - waste into sustainable garments.

No textile trash needs to be burned or dumped on landfills: it can have a second life by reusing the fibers. We call this process: WORN to REBORN. And if that ain't good news, using recycled materials saves significant amounts of water, CO2 and energy along the way!



Every worn-out pair of jeans is made from cotton and therefore extremely valuable for us. After we have collected old jeans, powerful shredding machines carefully tear apart each pair to reclaim the original cotton fibers. At the end of this process we have unravelled the old garments into light blue denim fibers, which we call our Blue LOOP DNA. 


Our Denimcel fabric is made from a natural blend of recycled denim and Tencel. The fabric feels very comfortable and regulates your body temperature in warm to hot conditions.

The garments have the signature Blue LOOP mélange look and are entirely made in Europe. The Denimcel Sweater has a regular fit with a hidden zipper pocket in the side seam. The fabric is Oekotex STeP certified; which means that no chemicals were used in the process. Also, 15% of the cutting waste will be recycled into new garments. Way to go!


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Dahlia Wongsodihardjo