Project Woodstag

Hey Jeans, let it feet !

WOODSTAG has joined the #hackyourjeans project and decided to extend its range by launching a collection of socks!

Welcome into an ecological, local and social vision of fashion!

We are proud to say we started our project with the desire to contribute to a better world regarding the fashion industry. This is the reason why WOODSTAG proposes recycled wood and leather accessories made in Belgium and is now using the sustainable textile yarn produced by ESG to create ethical socks!


Take the path to conscious consumption with good footwear!

Denim socks?! Sure thing!

Our main goal is to combine quality and ecology. 

The amount of waste due to the fashion industry is tremendous but WOODSTAG wants to contribute to its improvement. As the offer for green clothing is expanding, it is harder to find fair accessories like, for example, socks.

They are produced and knitted in Belgium from cotton obtained by recycling old jeans. 

We offer a range of six colours, for socks that are both sober and colourful, whether for everyday life or for special occasions. The composition is 22% Recycled Cotton (Post-Consumer Denim), 22% Lyocell, 42% Viscose, 12% Cotton and 2% Elastane.

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