Blog 03.06.2020

The new generation of Flemish textiliens

Julie Lietaer, co-CEO of ESG and inspirer of #hackyourjeans met Camille Liebaert, founder of RectoVerso Sports in Texture Museum in Kortrijk.
Two new textiliens in the flax museum that highlights the rich past of the flax and textile sector.

Julie joined the family business, European Spinning Group, seven years ago. 

At the end of 2019 she founded the platform #hackyourjeans, which raises awareness among the general public about the textile industry and the need to recycle old, discarded textiles, especially jeans.

ESG has been spinning yarn based on recycled jeans under the collection name ESG Green for several years now.

Thanks to the products of the partners that are made with the ESG Green yarn, the strength of #hackyourjeans is highlighted. The platform reaches the general public thanks to the website and social media.

RectoVerso Sports has only been around for about two years and was the ideal opportunity for Camille to join the family business and roll out these developments into a brand known all over Belgium. 

When the heir to the throne Elisabeth was spotted in one of their sports leggings, the brand got a huge boost.

They met each other in the Texture Museum in Kortrijk that tells the story of the rich flax industry.

The conversation revolves around how the passionate talents worked their way in the family businesses and their strategic views on the future.

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