Blog 18.10.2019

Reportage Focus WTV on circular textile production

In October the regional television station Focus WTV visited our production plant in Spiere-Helkijn. 

Julie Lietaer explained the process of spinning a yarn from a fibre that has been shredded to give it a new life and her motivation to do so!

Recycling post-consumer jeans

The textile industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. By researching the possibilities of working with post-consumer recycled materials we wanted to contribute in offering solutions. 

The choice to use denim as a resource was easy. Producing cotton takes up a lot of water, energy and space, when we give a longer life to a pair of jeans, it helps the ecological footprint. 

Moreover, when you recycle denim in a proper way, the fibre is still good enough to spin combined with other ecological materials such as Tencel. Tencel is a fibre derived from wood pulp of sustainable wood sourcing and a closed loop production process.


Through the #hackyourjeans project, where co-creation is stimulated using the post-consumer recycled denim yarn, European Spinning Group wants to inspire people to buy circular products. ESG proves that upcycling worn off textile leads to high-end products made with the yarn.

Click on the link below to watch the reportage!