Blog 07.11.2019

Official launch of #hackyourjeans

Mayor of Kortrijk Vincent Van Quickenborne speeched about the importance of innovation and co-creation in the textile sector and supports the #hackyourjeans project as an ambassador. 

The big idea!

The goal of the #hackyourjeans platform is explaining the value of torn, old denim for the circular textile industry and showing the product possibilities.

Up-cycling the worn-off denim to yarn, that can be woven or knitted to produce new qualitative products, is the solution.

The advantage of recycling post-consumer denim isn’t only decreasing the textile waste pile. in addition less resources, like water and energy, are needed and CO2 pollution is lower, compared to using virgin materials.

These favourable industrial conditions are sometimes difficult to understand and visualize. To offer full transparency, we work together with REMOkey, an independent partner. 

REMOkey calculates all the environmental savings of recycled products in comparison to using virgin materials.

Goals of #hackyourjeans

  • Raising awareness on the need to collect and recycle denim
  • Showing the advantages of upcycling
  • Clear and transparent communication about our yarn collection and its environmental savings
  • Proving the quality by showing all the projects of the partners
  • Strengthening each others story thanks to co-communication
  • Creating the community effect
  • Broad reach by including various sectors
  • Enabling more co-creations