Blog 07.11.2019

Focus WTV - #hackyourjeans launch

In Kortrijk last night 'Hack your jeans' was launched, an initiative of textile company European Spinning Group (ESG) from Spiere.

In a shop window in shopping mall K in Kortrijk, the story is told of the more than 15 partners of Hackyourjeans, who make all kinds of products based on old jeans, for example a towel or a napkin. In the Kiosk on the Grote Markt in Kortrijk, ESG visualises the issue of old jeans ending up on the landfill as waste.

Julie Lietaer (ESG): "Textiles are unfortunately one of the most polluting sectors in the world. So we try to reduce the waste mountain with West-Flemish SMEs and worldwide companies. #hackyourjeans is really the concept of 'we take back your old jeans'. And we're going to do something crazy with them. Hacking, we're going to rework it, reform it into a new product. We're gonna rework real waste material into a high-quality product."

Link to the original article and reportage of Focus WTV: