The non-profit organisation SuperKrachtig Lekker means a lot to the #hackyourjeans team and together with a local partner EGOMANIAC we created the #hackyourjeans collection, this way we got to make our contribution!
When you buy a piece of the #hackyourjeans collection, €5 goes to SuperKrachtig Lekker, an initiative that is committed to providing delicious and healthy food for children who fight against cancer. 
We cannot take over their suffering, but we can soften it. 
Pssst... When you buy 2 items you get the #hackyourjeans carrier bag worth €15 for free.

Why #hackyourjeans collection?

In line with the #hackyourjeans vision, where collected old jeans are processed into new products, this collection has a circular loop.
Is your garment worn out or does it no longer fit? Then you can bring it to the Kringloopwinkel Kortrijk.

Once enough clothing has been collected again, it will be processed into new products under the coordination of the European Spinning Group.


Sustainability starts with the personal touch according to us. We do not have the ambition of having our own production, but prefer to focus on our corebusiness. We work with partners and suppliers, that we select carefully and locally. This way we contribute to the Flemish economy. For the production of our clothing we fully trust our local suppliers, with whom we developed longstanding and good relationships. We prefer to ask a fair price, than to add to the sweatshop culture that is still apparent in the retail and fashion industry.
Lieselot Vandecappelle

EGOMANIAC is the brand of the sisters Lieselot and Katrijn Vandecappelle. EGOMANIAC was initiated based on their passion (design) and favorite activity (having fun) and has grown steadily ever since. 

EGOMANIAC designs clothing with bespoke prints for adults and kids. These personalized, quirky creations have everything to upgrade dull clothing to fun and unique apparel, thanks to the names, word play and other inventive text interventions. The prints are tailored to the wishes of the one wearing the clothes, the Egomaniac. 

EGOMANIAC has proved to be able to launch unique products and this way be a trendsetter in their own right. A very remarkable example of this are the personalized swim trunks with the name of the kid wearing it, followed by the telephone number of the parents. The swim trunks have been a huge success and did prove their benefit when it comes to kids finding back their parents or relatives while playing on the beach. 

Innovative, creative and thinking out-of-the-box are key values to EGOMANIAC.

Interested in this project?

Then get in touch with EGOMANIAC.

Lieselot Vandecappelle